Here it is…

I remember when livejournal was new. When it was over run by teenagers who made quirky lists of “interests.” And communities of girls sharing tips about starving and throwing up. I remember when gmail required invites and only the nerdy sci-fi kids really cared. I remember when facebook was only for college students and you needed an .edu email address to sign up. I remember when myspace was still cool. But kind of alternative, and you could make avatars of yourself as a cartoon. A punkrock cartoon with a mohawk.

Now I read BLOGS. All the time. Foodie blogs, mommy blogs, blogs about adoption, about disability, about transgender experience, about losing a child, about cancer. There are blogs for everything. But eventually they all start sounding the same. Stay at home moms, work at home moms, witty fathers who play guitar, natural foods, yoga, homeopathy, DIY everything, crunchy this and that. I read them the way I would read a National Geographic. The way I read the crime section of the news, or obituaries. They have nothing to do with my life and experiences. I get hypnotized because I just don’t get it. I read months and months of blog posts over a few days. Your life on fast forward. It amazes me. It also infuriates me. Where are the blogs about single moms who work full time and can barely afford daycare? How about real food on a food-stamp budget? Where are the blogs about restraining orders and custody battles? The blogs that have to be typed up at the library by people who can’t afford basic internet, much less fancy tablets and gadgets.

I guess I’m finally tired of wishing I could read something that sounded like my life. And wishing the advice in the comments made sense for my family. So here it is. A single mom with a low paying job, no car, and not much help. A single mom with a lot of student debt and not so much apartment space. Someone who knows food insecurity and financial insecurity, and wonders why the heck she brought a baby into the mix. Here it is.


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