My nanny earns more than I do

My daycare is closed next week so I made arrangements to borrow (sublet?) someone’s nanny while they’re on vacation. Despite the fact that I have spent more than I earned for the last six consecutive months, I actually do know a handful of people who own homes and cars and pay nannies. I only have to work three days next week, but having a nanny will cost double what I would be paying for five days of daycare. And she made it pretty clear that what I’m willing to pay her is still substantially less than her usual wages. She lives in a much better neighborhood than I do.

She’s great with the babybot though. She seems to have a natural immunity to the slobbering and flailing. I work with kids, little babies sometimes, and I like it, but I don’t think I have anywhere near the same skills she has. I can see why she costs a lot more than the daycare workers I have. So when the non-profit I work for loses it’s big grant and goes under (which, rumor has it, is an actual possibility), I might just apply for a couple of nanny jobs in nice neighborhoods. Heck, if I took babybot to work with me, I wouldn’t even need daycare and that would pretty much halve my living expenses.


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