June financial

Monthly budget for June.
I’ve spent $620.81 more than I’ve earned. This is bad.

Next month I will have additional medical expenses and childcare expenses. My phone bill will be slightly less, since this month had the activation fees and new equipment. And I need to buy (make!?)some birthday presents for the little cousins.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what to cut. It’s usually groceries, but that won’t account for $600.

I could switch babybot from organic formula to regular, but I REALLY don’t want to, and that will account for MAYBE $50. I can switch my own diet to rice and raman, but I really hate that shit.

I might be able to refinance my student loans, but that only means more debt over more years, it won’t really solve the problem.

I’m doing more laundry by hand, but that’s only a few dollars a month. Stealing toilet paper from public restrooms is given, but it doesn’t save a whole lot either.

I haven’t been spending anything on clothing, recreation, etc. I haven’t filled my prescriptions in a while. I really don’t eat out.

Strongly considering making sock puppets or something to sell on etsy. Selling used books on amazon. Selling plasma. Entering drug trials. Prostitution. Something. I’m gonna run out of money real soon here.


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