Rainy day

Babybot wouldn’t smile this morning. She always wakes up happy. A little too happy even. Or at least too early. But this morning she didn’t. Maybe it was the rain, or the heat, or maybe the change in routine. She’s used to being dressed and packed and walked over to daycare, but this morning she stayed in with a nanny. A nanny who also seemed a little disappointed since babybot was all smiles and giggles when they first met and was a decidedly different baby today.

An off day at work too. Several of the families I work with are really struggling, and somehow it’s only Monday and everything is going downhill. My job is to hold them accountable. It’s frustrating. I’m behind on paperwork.


I applied for temporary forbearance of my student loans.

I got a $50 gift card in the mail.

I got some free hand-me-down baby clothes in mostly the right sizes. This week I’ll sort through the tiny baby stuff to see what I can trade in.

I think the only thing that will really solve this is to apply for a better job. I’m starting to look. The applying takes a dangerous amount of time though, and interviewing means time away from work, or money spent on babysitters.

I need to make a therapy appointment. I don’t have time to call during business hours, so I requested an appointment online. They call back with the phone number I need to call during business hours. What’s the point of online appointment requests then?


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