baby super foods

Her first taste of real food was avocado. She was surprised but curious. She mashed it with her hands, got some in her hair, her ears, all over her clothes. She ate a little bit of it too. I’ve always liked avocado. At least I used to. Now I’ve seen how hard it is to get the stains out of baby clothes. Seriously.


This week we tried lentils. She cried. She tried to spit it out, she clawed at her mouth with her little hands. She made the most disgusted face. But she ate most of it. From the spoon, no less. Even with all the dramatics, she still opened her mouth each time the spoon approached, as if each time she was hoping it would be mashed avocado instead. Sorry kid, we have a whole baby food tray of this stuff, and mommypants doesn’t eat food cubes. Just 11 more days and then we’ll switch to sweet potatoes. I promise.


On the upside, mashed baby food is a heck of a lot cheaper than formula. I’m reading all the classic crunchy guides on Superfoods, Nourished metabolism, Real food, Slow food, blah blah blah. The Weston A Price and Clara Davis crowds. Baby-led weaning. Basically everything except what my pediatrician recommended, which was cereals mixed in a bottle starting around three months.


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