another idea

I keep seeing adds for egg donation online. It’s something I’ve actually looked into before, but because it’s so invasive I never seriously considered it.


Now I actually am.


I’ve rented myself to medical professinals before. Usually minor things like MRIs and studys about heart rate and violent video games. I once participated in a birth control study where I took the pill and kept daily notes. None of them paid much, but a hundred bucks here and there does help.


I don’t want to do anything long term because of babybot. I don’t want to take any scary medications that could have unforseeable effects. But a few thousand dollars for eggs sounds fair. I sure don’t plan on using them, and although I have some ethical doubts about IVF and other reproductive technologies, I do appreciate that some parents just can’t have children any other way.


I’m not in a position to get a second job, but I think I could handle daily hormone injections. Maybe.


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