July financial


Monthly budget for July. I’ve spent $854.64 more than I’ve earned. Holy crap.


A lot of this is extra childcare expenses because of babybot’s daycare closing. And the incidental expenses of having to replace stuff I lost at the beginning of the month. Like my bus pass. Modifications to my student loans haven’t gone into effect yet, and I started paying off some past medical expenses. But holy crap. I was actually making an effort this month.


There’s really not much I can cut. Next month transportation and childcare expenses will go back to normal, but “normal” is still too much. I made a few dollars selling old books, but that’s literally only a few dollars. I located a food bank that gives out free baby formula. I’ll start using that one of these days. I need all the “free” I can get. And I need to stop eating out. Heck, I just need to stop eating.


I’d love to sell some plasma, eggs, pretty much anything short of a kidney.


Next month will be better. It has to be.


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