But the film in your memory, you cannot walk out of it so easily. Wherever you go it is always playing. So when I say that I am a refugee, you must understand that there is no refuge.



Finished at negative $592.10


Still paying student loans, still paying off medical bills, two months behind on transit reimbursement.


I must look desperate because my pastor slipped me a hundred dollars for the baby.


I had a job interview today and another on Friday. I know I’ll be laid off in the next 18 months, and I should know when in the next couple of weeks. The field I’m in is being overhauled and entering a new service model and new funding structure, so all of the existing positions will be phased out and new jobs will replace them. But we aren’t being promised new jobs under the new system. The job descriptions and background requirements will be different, so they expect to hire a lot of better qualified people from outside the organization.


I continue to expect major legal expenses. any day now, as Babybot’s alleged father keeps escalating. it costs almost $400 just to file a complaint about him violating the restraining order. plus $25 to request a copy of a police report, and there must be a dozen of them now. and that doesn’t include the cost of actually hiring a lawyer.