October financial

Overspent by $569.30


I’m still paying student loans and medical debt. When I really run out of money I can stop student loans, at least temporarily. Not a long term solution, but it will help.


Starting next month I will have slightly higher income, slightly lower daycare costs. Medical debt will finally be paid off (I really should look at the health care exchange and see if I can save money on monthly premium, but I haven’t gotten around to it). Should look at phone/internet costs too. Spending more on holiday gifts, holiday travel, blah blah blah. I wish I could just exempt myself from holidays, but I cannot.


Overall, though, I think things will average out over the next few months. My lease is up early next year, so I could potentially find more affordable housing. There might be other household changes I can pull off. At the very least, I can start using my credit card more often and just put off some expenses until after the holidays/tax filing. I expect much of what Babybot needs will be received for Christmas.


I work on self care. If I can’t change most of my living situation or expenses, perhaps I can keep myself from losing it.